Shoot to the Point

5 Secret Fishing Tips

There is an exception if you are born with the skills to fish well, other than fishing isn't something you can pick up overnight or just develop a talent for. You need to invest a lot of time to master this art.


There are numerous ways to improve your fishing skills, like practicing new tactics, trying different bodies of water, throwing new lures, and so on. However, you also need to look out for some facts and work on them to get the best possible results. Therefore, to help you have the best fishing experience, we have listed the top five secret tips that you must take into consideration:



1)  Patience is the key:

The key to being a successful fisherman is to practice and develop patience. The fish are far more intelligent than other animals, and you never know what they're looking for, where they're hiding, or how they're feeling.


On one day, these fish may strike whatever you toss into the water, but on another, there may appear to be no fish in the water at all. Hence, learn that you will progress in due time, so be steady and patient, get yourself the best reel, keep your fish line tight in the water and wait for your prey.



2)  Prepare your bait well:


Remember bait that has not been properly produced does not stand out and doesn't attract fish. Hence, we would suggest you look out for Buzzbaits. They are most known to give the best fishing experience, particularly in shallow stained water. However, if dressed appropriately, they may fit in as productively in clear water just like in the other. A scaled down version of the typical buzz bait like Bya Buzz, will attract more fish in clear water than the big, annoying buzz bait.


3) Consider the wind's direction: 

Reduce the distance between your tosses and fish with your back to the wind. As it's always preferable that it is your bait that is discovered first by the fishes, not your boat. Another benefit of facing the wind is that it will direct the water's sound on your boat's hull away from the place you are fishing.


4) Finish the line by dragging it to the end:

Unroll the fishing line and select the best reel for this job. Let it take you 50 yards behind the boat on your way to your destination. Then fully wrap it. Wrap it up completely. The line knots or doesn't kink throughout the rest of the day.


However, ensure that you have the fishing reel oil with you all the time to keep the reel moist, as the moment you get the fish in line, you would require fast rolling to get the fish on the boat. It won't be possible if your reel is not smooth enough so keep oiling your reel.


5) Be Conscious of Your Environment:

When choosing a fishing place, consider the available natural food sources and look for regions where your fishing bait would fit in well. For instance, fish like bass will nearly come to you if you are sly, quiet, and stay close to the natural food sources.


On the other hand, some fish, such as redfish, have a keen sense of smell. As a result, take steps to get rid of your scent in order to get your hands on them.